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Ruff Night At The Gallery is an adorable short-form horror game where you explore an art gallery.  Alone.   At night.  Sound scary?  Don’t worry, the paintings are of cute dogs!  But maybe do worry because they’re also haunted…

Collect the keys to make it through each exhibit, but make sure to keep an eye on the artwork: the paintings like to move around.  Ghost dogs will also pop off their canvases when you’re not looking to give you a big ol’ lick.

These dogs ain’t your grandpa’s poker playing kitsch - they’re works from the greats, from renaissance classics like “Pup With A Tasty Bone” and Paw Vinci’s “The Doggo Lisa” to modern masterpieces like  “American Dogthic”, “The Howl”,  Pawcasso’s “Pup Before A Mirror” - this gallery has something for everyone! (except cats)


  • Short-form, experimental, scary/cute gameplay
  • Explore a creepy art gallery at night
  • Admire art from the canine world’s finest brushes
  • Haunted paintings are sneaky
  • Don’t get licked!

Originally created for the Fantastic Arcade "Shock and Aww" jam by:

  • Trevor Whitaker Black
  • Casey Donnellan
  • Terry Nguyen
  • Weston Wright


RuffNight_1.5.zip 169 MB


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Cute but also scary, the last part was quite a bit of a challenge. Now I want all those paintings for my home. :)