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Ruff Night At The Gallery is an adorable short-form horror game where you explore an art gallery.  Alone.   At night.  Sound scary?  Don’t worry, the paintings are of cute dogs!  But maybe do worry because they’re also haunted…

Collect the keys to make it through each exhibit, but make sure to keep an eye on the artwork: the paintings like to move around.  Ghost dogs will also pop off their canvases when you’re not looking to give you a big ol’ lick.

These dogs ain’t your grandpa’s poker playing kitsch - they’re works from the greats, from renaissance classics like “Pup With A Tasty Bone” and Paw Vinci’s “The Doggo Lisa” to modern masterpieces like  “American Dogthic”, “The Howl”,  Pawcasso’s “Pup Before A Mirror” - this gallery has something for everyone! (except cats)


  • Short-form, experimental, scary/cute gameplay
  • Explore a creepy art gallery at night
  • Admire art from the canine world’s finest brushes
  • Haunted paintings are sneaky
  • Don’t get licked!

Originally created for the Fantastic Arcade "Shock and Aww" jam by:

  • Trevor Whitaker Black
  • Casey Donnellan
  • Terry Nguyen
  • Weston Wright


RuffNight_1.5.zip 169 MB


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Gave it a Let's Play since it seemed silly and interesting 

Scary and adorable! Perfect combo.

Funny, fun, and a little... scary. The arts are very well done, parodying famous paintings, which I really liked. Congratulations.

DOGE HORROR? Count me in! No Commentary Full Playthrough

This is a very pretty good game. I got licked many times to the extent of almost getting me pissed off. Hope you watch it guys. Thanks!

Somewhere in the vid, I got licked twice :D The dogs really liked me XD

That's a pretty good game, had my on my paws the whole time!

Love this game! Finally a horror game that's actually got interesting gameplay!

This game is adorable! And the new game+ is very challenging and fun. One question: Is there any way we can get the images of the paintings? Me and my girlfriend would love to get them.

** Your team absolutely nailed the requirements of both Game Jams. I didn't include any critique in my video; it is the original gameplay and commentary, edited to enhance the comedic elements of the session. Discussion is below video **

I love the artistic creativity and original concept of this game: try your best to steer clear of the ghost-dogs whose haunted paintings decorate the gallery...and collect the keys (to escape). That makes this game very unique and memorable. I would definitely recommend this for /to children and parents, not so much because of the simple and cute premise and design, but because I can't recall how many horror games there are for children besides the likes of Luigi's Mansion. Even more, this game can also be seen as educational because of the many recreations of famous paintings by period-century Renaissance artists and beyond. Oh, and I forgot to praise the sound design; that can make or break a game and the sounds (and soundtrack) of this game followed by the visual cues: creaky floors and disappearing portraits (partnered with the sound that accompanies) and most of all, that jump scare noise, all worked wonderfully to make this an enjoyable game! 

My only negative would be the strafing; eventually, I got used to it but it did make the game much more difficult which...probably is a good thing. I hated watching other people play the game with ease; I died a lot but the victories meant that much more because of it. 

I enjoyed this game, the fact that there isn't a guide makes it even more interesting and allows you to figure out the game mechanics by yourself, for example how to keep away from the ghosts. I love the concept and hope they make a longer game.

Really enjoyed your game! It's an excellent short form horror experience that was super polished and fun to play. The jump scares got me regardless of how cute the paintings were haha.

Cute but also scary, the last part was quite a bit of a challenge. Now I want all those paintings for my home. :)

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